98 Cases of Voter Registration Machine Malfunction Reported in First Four Hours of Election Day

April 2, 2017 | 14:00

The Citizen Observer Initiative’s 3112 independent and unbiased observers have been carrying out election monitoring activities since the early morning hours of the day at 1521 precincts across Armenia. Additionally, 38 mobile observation teams have been covering the districts of the 38 district electoral commissions.

As of 12 noon, observers have registered 681 in the pre-vote preparation, voting period, and general irregularities, violations, or issues, all of which are currently being verified.

In particular, the following violations have been registered:

98 caes of electronic machines malfunction

77 cases of open voting

38 cases of violation of the secrecy of the vote by voters

38 cases of oversight/monitoring of voting by persons other than the voter

50 cases of influencing and directing voters

45 cases of congregation of people and cars

40 cases of violations of the voter assistance procedures

34 cases of presence of unauthorized persons at precincts

27 cases of unauthorized movement of ballot papers in/out of precincts

21 cases of violation of precinct commission lottery rules

20 cases of discrepancy between ID cards/passports and registration machines  

19 cases of absence of voter names in registration machines

18 cases of violation of observer rights

18 cases of violation of proxies

11 cases of late opening of precincts

10 cases of campaigning in precincts

9 cases of signatures instead of another voter

7 cases of voting rights violations

6 cases of attempted duplicate voting

3 cases of intimidation and violence

92 other violations 


The Initiative’s observers have registered 247 violations in the precinct logs, consisting of pre-vote preparation, voting period, and general irregularities, violations, or issues.

The Initiative’s violations map includes entries from the Citizen Observer Initiative, Independent Observer Public Coalition, and the Armenia Helsinki Committee observation missions.



           Observers Mission is funded by the European Union and co-financed by the National Endowment of Democracy within the 2017 Parliamentary Elections National Observation programme.

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